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Open world Indie game in the Streets of Chennai

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Explore and experience the vibe of namma chennai through "PROJECT MADRAS". The game which lets you roam around the shores of Marina ,streets of mount road , monuments of chennai covering all the highlights of this city ,with a mission to accomplish!.

The flavour of this open world game is rich in content and language, as it takes place in the capital city of the state, where the world's oldest language "TAMIL" is still surviving and embraced over centuries. Get involved with the natives of the city, where a rooted love and affection is served  with some spicy madras delicacy.

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The game is developed using unreal engine 5 with its latest features nanite and lumen. This enables the game to be beautifully lit with highly detailed environments. Working with unreal engine and its open world features made this project possible at an indie level and through procedural development of assets and 3D scanning techniques made it possible to capture the true essence of Chennai City in a vast scale. Audio is more than 50percent of what meets the eye, special attention has been given to create the soundscape of Chennai, to give a authentic south Indian experience to the gamers. Technologies like spatial audio, captured from real locations gives the viewer the real feel of being present in the environment. The characters are built on top of metahumans, with lots of variation that represents people authentic to the environment, expect them to evolve a lot with the game’s progress.

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Project Madras is an ambitious project that we've been working on for the past few Years. We hope you'll join us on this journey and support us as we work to create the best Indian indie game possible! 

Wishlist the game now on steam

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